Acro Dance Juggling Act "Juggling Baryshnikov" # 001
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“…makes the show special… Vladik will steal your heart and command your attention as he tosses and catches just about anything, in his unusual and unique stile “Juggling Creature” he displays a spectacular stage presence while combining juggling with dance and acrobatics......Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain Paris GOLD MEDAL 2002. China Wuqiao International Circus Festival SILVER MEDAL 2001. International Jugglers Association Jrs Category GOLD MEDAL 1995. International Jugglers Association Seniors Category GOLD MEDAL 1997
Contortionist Act #002
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Unique Tricks and style, plus amazing presentation make Act one of the Best in Business.... Before Cirque Du Soleil “Belagio” “O” Show Perform all over the world.... Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain Paris Silver MEDAL... Monte-Carlo Circus Festival Silver Medal... Gold Medal in North Korean Circus Festival...
German Wheel Act #003
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Let’s make your Special Event outrage and extraordinary with Cirque Style German wheel Act
Cirque Rolla Bola Act #04
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Extremely powerful amazing world class tricks, grate presentations up 15 feet in the air Perfect for Cirque style special events, Cirque production shows theaters and parks.
Cirque Style Duo Aerial Cube Act Anatoli & Irina #005
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Anatoli and Irina work within,around and through the cube. Their act fuses gymnastics with ballet,theatrics and possesses an air of eroticism and excitement. They have accomplished artistic excellence... Successfully convey the emotions of love , strength , determination and triumph , all with the use of their bodies and a giant three-dimensional Cube The standout of the specialty acts are Anatoli and Irina who perform act called "The Cube illusion" with the best use of a prop in years....
Duo Rolla Bolla Act #006
International award winners One of the Best act in Cirque industry Duo Rolla Bolla Act
Fire Act #007
Amazing combinations, graceful movements and fire tricks Lets make your event special
Hand Balancing #008
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In the world of handstand acrobatic thay are at the top of their profession These talented artist perform some of the most difficult handstand feats imaginable With strong graceful movements they hold and balance each other in seemingly impossible positions.Cirque Style, Number one, Las Vegas Act for Special Events, Annual Awards & Corporate ShowsCirque Style, Number one, Las Vegas Act for Special Events, Annual Awards & Corporate Shows
Hula Hoops Act #009
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The Hula Hoops Act artistry with displays a spectacular stage presence,theatrics and excitement.
Aerial Silk Act #009 (R)
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High fly, power & beauty will make your event special and exciting
Strange Comedy #0010
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Strange Comedy is a two person variety show that blends physical comedy, circus and cabaret in a cartoon-like world. Contortion, aerial dance, illusion puppetry, hand balancing, comic singing, juggling, rolla bolla and object manipulation seem to happen accidentally if not almost catastrophically! The full proscenium show is 60 minutes, yet each routine can stand on it's own as a solo.
Spinning Cube Act of Anatoli & Irina #0011
Anatoli credits include over 100 different conventions:IBM,NOKIA,FOX TV,cessna aircraft,nickelodeon,etc national TV commertials "GM -cars " live is circus , tropicana orange juice "Bally's" hotel & casino - " Splash", Riviera hotel & casino "Stardust" hotel & casino “Golden lion Prize” at China Wuqiao International Circus Festival... Silver Medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. Best Act of the year Prize in Italy
Chinese Poles Act #012
Extremely powerful amazing tricks, grate presentations 15 feet up in the air Act Perfect for Cirque style special events, Cirque Style production shows.
Hand Balancing Contortionist Act #0012 (A)
Elegant Cirque Hand Balancing - Contortionist Act. Perfect for Receptions Corporate Special Events & Cirque Production Shows
1 - 2 - 3 FIRE (Juggling Fire Act) #0014
Magical fire flying everywhere not doubts, ace of fire blows your mind off!
Chirque Characters t#0015
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Meet and greet & Receptions Cirque Characters for special events Entertainment
Cirque Style Characters #0016
Former Stars from Moscow Circus, Cirque Du Soleil, and Ringling Brothers the Troupe and individuals present a new standard of comedy that will change your point of view toward clowning
Cirque Style Aerial Silk Act #0017
The flying artistry displays a spectacular stage presence, accomplished physical strength and poetry, theatrics and excitement.
Hand Balancing #0018
Cirque hand balancing Act combined elegant presentation and unique combinations
Jumping Stilts #0019
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Did you ever seen person flying on stilts? Performer Sergey Ryzov with his unique unusual jumping stilts demonstrates breath-taking acrobatic tricks. Jump in air 8 feet; even perform somersault and numerous unusual difficult jumps. Former leader of Soviet Gymnastic team World &European Champion. His achievements with Moscow circus famous “ Doveiko Flying Acrobats ““ Triple somersault with double pirouettes and triple somersault on Stilts
Aerial Show #0020
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Contortionist in the Globe #0021
Unique Act inside the Globe 8 feet diameter good for receptions and strolling entertainment
Body and Sound #0022
The combination of acrobatics and solo musical performance is unique in its manner.The “Duo Viola” tells a love story comprises the rapprochement and fusion of art forms, music and acrobatics. The result is a performance full of passion and sensuality.
Anatolis new Creation “Spider Dance Act” #0023
New Act created By Anatoli (Fuse of Aerial, Hand Balancing, Dancing, Pantomime, Acrobatic, Jazz movements)
Foot Jugling #0024
Best unusual act in Cirque entertainment “We were amazed by all Aces Of Acts performers particularly by foot juggling act at our Event”
Bizarre Contortionist Act#0025
Unusual contortionists combinations with Bizarre Style
Duo Aerial Silk Act# 0026
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The flying artistry with displays a spectacular stage presence, accomplished physical strength and poetry, theatrics and excitement
U-Nik #0027
Before Cirque Du Soleil “Mestyre” show perform all over the world, Monte-Carlo Circus Festival Silver medal
Fire of Fantasy Act #0028
Pool party favorite Act, Stylish atmosphere and amazingly, unusual combinations with Fire.
Trio "Men in Design" #0029
Goal of the Act Balance and physical power….. You can see it
Strength in the air #0030
Combination of Ballet with cirque arts
Adagio #0031
Cirque on Ice Show #0032
"Cirque Acts on Ice Show" For special events , annual awards & corporate shows. Parks, Skating rings and Show rooms
The Poles Apart stilt walking band #0033
Poles Apart Stilt walking band can provide a colorful band, on stilts, from 1 to 10 performers (or more). Poles Apart Stilts has performed at many international events around the world. Poles Apart Walkabout Stilt band On Stage Functions band
Duo Aerial Silk #0034
Cirque Style, Special Events , Annual Awards & Corporate Shows
Chair Act #0015
Amazing hand balancing combinations on up to 6 chairs
Snake Mystery #0018
Cirque Style Characters #0035
Let’s make your Event Special and exciting Cirque style characters: meet and greet guests, receptions atmosphere entertainment.
Aces of Balancing #0036
Mirror ….not …. Twins ….yes….
Mask #0037
Mystery… Shadows…and Mask become a live… Unusual surprises waiting for you….
Rope Act “Adonis story #0038
"VENUS and ADONIS" Story come to life... when Sasha appear on stage....Physical strength, theatrics and possesses, eroticism and excitement... Before Performing with Moscow Circus and Cirque Du Soleil (Qidam) Sasha was part of Russian Gymnastic Team.
Argentinean Gauchos #0039
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Gauchos Act are an award-winning trio of performers from Argentina. This one-of-a-kind specialty act has received the distinction of being awarded the Best Specialty Act Award in Las Vegas . Their act consists of powerful drums routines, synchronized dances with the dangerous weapons of the boleadoras and comedy which incorporates audience interaction. Los Huincas Gauchos have performed for dignitaries and celebrities alike as well as entertained audiences in the most prestigious stages in the world such as The Venetian, Stardusts and Bellagio Hotels in Las Vegas, The Casino De Paris in France and the Casino de Monaco. Los Huincas Gauchos have appeared in television specials for the BBC in London and NHK in Japan.
Ballet Adagio #0040
Russian trained …perform in Best Ballet groups and Theaters in Russia and Europe now in Nevada Ballet Company Maxim and Elena... You have to see it....
Chinese Poles #004
Performers jump from pole to pole, climbing up side out, perform synchronize tricks with stunning actions and movements, it makes the audience exclaim with admiration. Performers: Former World, European and US National Champions. Perform for Moscow Circus, Cirque Du Soleil.
Fire Cube Act #0041
Do you ever see performers spin fire cube?
Duo Hand Balancing Act #053
World Champions turn into World Greatest performing Act
Hammock Act #0042
Cirque Style Aerial Act with Poetry & Grace
Hula Hoop & Globe - Best Circus Act #0043
All our Acts ACES! #0044
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And Comedy Too!!!
Chinese Acrobats #45
Rhythmic gymnastics & Cirque #46
Girl & Globe #47
Perch Act #048
“Thanks Aces Of Acts for bringing to our event amazing Perch Act” International LCT Show
Cosmic Fire #049
The young, dynamic couple is best known for their synchronized partner pieces and infectious chemistry. They are simply as hot as their cutting-edge technique. The troupe's repertoire includes thirteen different tools, several individual routines, and three synchronized partner pieces. The cosmic couple often improvises with various fire tools, using their intimate knowledge of each other's bodies to guide their dance.
Hand Balancing on top of the Pole #050
Combinations of chinese pole and hand balancing unusual high power Act
Chair Balancing Act #051
Unique combinations of Hand balancing & Chairs Performer ricing up to 18 feet
Acrobatic Adagio #052
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Hand Balancing, Acrobatic Adagio at it’s best. Former champions of sports acrobatics, members of National Polish Team. Class, Style, Skill, Perfection these words describe in part their performance. They dazzled audiences around the world and took part in events for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Tom & Magda have been an acrobatic couple since early teens. The elegant number presented by Duo Joys will be an excellent addition to your event or show."
Aerial Silk Act #053
Style Grace Beauty and Charm
Fire Show #054
Everything About fire
U -Nik #055
Power Presentations unique combinations and style for your Shows and Events
Chair Staking Act #056
Exiting Cirque style Act, up to 25 feet in the air
Aerial Straps Act #057
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Comedy Acts #58
Cirque style special events: meet and greet guests, receptions atmosphere entertainment. Cirque Style production shows.
Cirque Style Stilt Walker #0059
Skills: juggling, magic tricks, character. Perfect for Meet and greet Guests
Magic Cirque Show #060
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High Energy Cirque production Show 40 minutes
"The New Vaudevillians'" #061
You might say he is a hangover from the lip sync craze of the 80's. There was an Elvis sighting did you here ? Skip brings him back ........supersized at that, from medium size to supersized before your very eyes. A new definition to the term tons of fun !!! Skip Banks and those zany Superheros.Yes folks,life sized dancing animated superstars of the galaxy with Skip as "Captain America" dancing with these life like looking super troopers bee bopping all over the stage. Then there's The Little Country Kicker. Big time fun in a little package. A three foot tall dwarf character with a ten foot tall attitude. But the real showstopper of them all is "The Balloon Man" performance. Watch as it appears a large balloon is eating Skip alive, all to classic tunes while he is (((inside the balloon))) Next to James brown Skip is the hardest working man in this business we call show. He truly is only one of what he calls, "The New Vaudevillians'"
Globe of Death #062
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Guinness World Records Most Motorcycles inside a Globe All 5 bikes racing 43 mph just inches away from Beautiful Assistant while she stood in the middle of the “Globe of Death”
Balancing Ladder #063
Incredible hand balancing tricks on 10 foot balancing ladder Cirque style and choreography
Training Dogs Act #064
Amazing dog tricks cute funny Act for circus parks and productions shows
Hula Hoop Act & rithmick gymnastic #065
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Best in the Bussiness
Juggling Act #066
Cirque Characters #67
Aerial Silk Act #068
Duo Balancing Act #0069
Audience standing up at end of the Cirque duo balancing Act
Aerial Silks Group of four #070
Group of four aerial silks Act perform synchronized combinations drops from top to bottom with grace and beauty. Perfect Act for Events over 1000 guests and over.
Aerial Dreams #0071
Act is unusual and unique this is combinations of balancing acrobatic gymnastic and movements creates determination, physical strength and agility. Appear in best shows around the world.
Cirque Style Characters #72
Cirque Style Events Shows Presentations
Aerial Ring Act #73
Elegant atmosphere, amazing tricks,style and grate presentations in the air.
Aces of Comedy #074
Prestige Awards, Gold Medals performing in Best Shows! Cirque Style Las Vegas Act for Special Events, Annual Awards & Corporate Shows
Snake & Mystery #075
Hoola Hupe Act #076
Cirque Character #077
Receptions strolling character, conventions, special events Cirque Character
Foot Juggling Act #078
Cirque Style Unusual foot juggling Act

Chinese acrobatic barrel Act #079
They have performed in Europe, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, and North America. During their successful six-year act in Las Vegas at the Luxor Casino, the versatile twins developed their specialties, which include hoop diving, contortion rings, double pole climbing, and ring and hat juggling. Their signature, crowd-pleasing act is a seven-minute acrobatic barrel routine! Their acrobatic talents and passion for performing has brought them great acclaim, as they are gold cup winners of the International Acrobatic Competition in Monte Carlo, silver cup winners of Wu Qiao International Acrobatic Festival, and many more. Here in the US, Gaming Today raves that Long Twins were “The Best Specialty Act in Las Vegas”. They have also appeared as special guest performers at the NBA and WNBA games, and on Bravo TV in Cirque du Soleil’s Solstrom and on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Characters for Receptions # 080
Duo Balancing Act # 081
Audience standing up at end of the Cirque duo balancing Act
Forest creature character
Rithmic Gymnast
Reception entertainment
Knife Throwing deadly games Act
Exiting ACT with master skils for your event or show